Is repairing my alloy wheel safe?

Yes.  If we do not consider it to be safe we will not attempt a repair.

Do I need to remove the tyre before you can repair my alloy wheel?

Yes, we would require the tyre removing before we can carry out the repair.
Do you remove and re-fit tyres?

Unfortunately we do not have the facility to remove or re-fit tyres but can recommend several local garages who can offer this service.
Do you repair motorcycle wheels?

We do not repair motorcycle wheels as we consider them a possible high risk and would not compromise on your safety.
Will the repair damage the paint on the alloy wheel?

It is possible that the paint will be damaged but we can recommend re-finishing companies who can re-spray the wheel after repair.
Do you re-finish/re-spray alloy wheels after repair?

Precision Welding do not offer a re-finishing service on alloy wheels but can recommend other professional companies who can offer this service.

How long do alloy wheel repairs take?

We endeavour to provide a same day service depending on the complexity of the problem.

Is there a while you wait service?

Precision Welding Ltd can offer a while you wait service (1 to 2 hours) if pre-arranged at a convenient time to both parties.

Can you repair all alloy wheels?

Precision Welding will only repair alloy wheels that are considered a safe repair.  If we consider a wheel to be too badly damaged we will tell you honestly and would never compromise on your safety.